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Espresso coffee is the Italian way of enjoying coffee: when perfectly prepared, a compact cream and a tiger-stripe pattern emerge. Finely harmonized acid and sour tones make for a strong and balanced taste. Length (from short – also called “ristretto” – to long) and aroma can be programmed as desired in all the De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee makers.

A De’Longhi Automatic Espresso Machine is perhaps the easiest to use, requiring only to be filled with with coffee and water, brewing perfect espresso at the press of a button. This machine will also automatically foam and steam milk to make cappuccinos and lattes with your espresso.

Espresso is made by filtering water or steam through fine coffee ground, extracting all of the flavour of the coffee to create a perfect blend. Espresso can be brewed in a variety of ways in different machines, which all create different types and volumes of espresso. Well brewed espresso has a topping of rich crema – a foamy top to the coffee – which indicates the quality of the drink and is essential when creating milk and espresso based drinks.

Espresso can come in a variety of textures and tastes, and finding the perfect smoothness, richness and strength is easy with the Vario system on our patented Steam Espresso. The automated system allows you to control the strength and richness of your blend.

A simple shot of espresso has a lot of potential. While delicious as a beverage on its own, espresso can be mixed with steamed or foamed milk to create lattes and cappuccinos, or poured over ice for iced coffee, and even added to cakes and savoury dishes for a richness of flavour. Espresso is the base of most types of coffee drinks, so creating the perfect espresso shot is essential.

One of our Pump Espresso Machines also create fantastic espresso and are able to make one or two cups at once with a dual nozzle. Place either one or two cups side by side underneath the output and enjoy single or double espresso shots. These machines also come with a steaming nozzle so that you can steam milk to the perfect consistency to add to your espresso.

Serve and enjoy delicious espresso, or use it to make a whole variety of creamy milk-based drinks or coffee enriched food. Indulge in coffee the traditional way, with a rich or smooth blend.

If grinding coffee beans and steaming milk sounds too complicated, a De’Longhi Nespresso machine might be more suited to you. These come with essential espresso coffee pods and save you the time and trouble of grinding and storing beans, which can become stale, spill and take up valuable kitchen space.

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