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The virtual coffee place
for real coffee lovers

The virtual coffee place for real coffee lovers


We are the coffee culture

We are the coffee culture

Coffee culture is evolving day after day: new trends, new tastes and new habits. It’s everywhere around us. The coffee culture is us. And you are in the place where coffee culture reaches its peak. In our Coffee Lounge, your journey starts from the coffee beans: learn how and where they are harvested and how they are prepared into unique blends thanks to the craftsmanship of the specialist roasters, and when you’re ready, buy their specialties.

A passion for discovery

A passion for discovery

Great beans without a great coffee machine are not enough to truly taste their aroma. In our Coffee Lounge, you’ll discover how our machines harness technology to extract the most out of your beans, freshly grinding them and transforming them into a great cup of coffee. In our Coffee Lounge, you can explore all the possibilities of this incredible beverage. Whether you like it black, or with a plant-based milk alternative, Coffee Lounge is where you can get in touch with experts to learn new ways of preparing your ideal drink or experiment with new ingredients.

Coffee is not just about the extraction

method or the beans - it's about the balance

where both elements get improved by each other

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