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De’Longhi Signature Espresso Blend Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, Ground


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The Signature Blend by De’Longhi and Coperaco combines beans from various regions and coffee farms to achieve a one-of-a-kind Specialty Ground Coffee blend, made especially for brewing at the highest quality with De’Longhi machines. You’ll notice sweet chocolate notes from our Guatemalan beans, citrus and floral notes found in our Ethiopian beans, a hint of walnut from Brazil, and a smooth caramel and nutty finish courtesy of the farms in Colombia.

  • 12oz pack of Specialty Coffee ground coffee
  • Roast: Medium City Plus – bold taste, yet smooth and round aftertaste
  • Perfect for Espresso, Cortado, Cappuccino, Latte, Coffee Over Ice, Americano, and other espresso-based recipes
  • Notes: chocolate, caramel, walnut, light floral, and citrus notes
  • Suitable for all De’Longhi  Manual espresso machines without built-in grinder
  • Blended and roasted by Coperaco® for De’Longhi® Inc. in the USA
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