Coffee recipes

Every day a new aroma

It’s now estimated that Americans drink more than four million cups of coffee every single day. From Cappuccinos to Americanos and the Caffè Mocha – it is the rich, creamy and nutty aromas of this drink which has meant it’s not only irresistible on-the-go but in the preparation of indulgent desserts too.

See our coffee recipes below for a delicious mix of classic coffee drinks and gourmet recipes, harnessing the wonderful richness and aromatic taste of the coffee bean.

To enjoy a creamy, frothy Cappuccino at home in just one touch, try De’Longhi’s easy-to-use pump espresso machines or if you fancy a warming after-dinner tipple, indulge in a rich, smooth Irish coffee with the help of a drip coffee machine.

Organising a large dinner party? Treat your guests to a sumptuous and aromatic meal with our selection of coffee recipes. De’Longhi’s automatic espresso machine will ensure the perfect expresso – rich and creamy – ideal for preparing a gourmet meal. Try the subtlety of coffee tagliatelle served with a creamy white sauce and parmesan before dishing up a true dessert favorite – a deliciously moreish coffee ice box cake.