Steam Espresso Machines

With a De’Longhi steam espresso machine, it’s easy to make up to four espressos at once. Now you can enjoy a brewing experience that’s as smooth as the coffee itself.

Steam espresso machines are easy to clean and operate. The steam-pressure powered mechanism extracts flavor from the coffee grinds at a high temperature, resulting in a strong, aromatic taste. Enjoy the ease with which you can make delicious espresso at home. Brew two cups at once, for yourself and a friend, with the convenient two-cup adapter, or use the EC 6’s carafe to make up to four cups - enough for the whole office.

Make smooth, piping hot espresso in minutes with a De’Longhi steam espresso machine. In fact, with minimal skill and a little knowledge you can create a range of delicious hot drinks, including lattes or cappuccinos, straight from your home. Prefer a stronger taste? A lighter texture? Use the Vario system to change the aroma of your espresso and create a range of flavors.

De’Longhi steam espresso machines come with a jet frother, which mixes steam, air and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos or lattes, so brewing your favorite milk-based beverages is effortless. And the EC 5’s swivel jet frother makes frothing even easier as when swivelled out it allows you to froth milk in a larger jug, then it tucks back away when not needed. Cleaning milk off of frothing machines is easy with De'Longhi milk clean, which helps you wipe away build up from metal parts to keep them hygenic.

Small, stylish and perfectly suited to your kitchen counter, a steam espresso machine is a traditional and homey way to brew straight to your cup, creating fresh coffee every day. The steam espresso machine also makes a wonderful addition to any office environment. Make two espressos simultaneously with the convenient 2-cup adapter or by using the EC 6’s four-cup brewing capabilities - with the included heat-resistant glass carafe - you can make coffee for the whole office in minutes.

The drip tray on your steam espresso machine is easy to clean and protects your kitchen counter from spills and splashes. The patented steam safety cap ensures safe brewing and prevents the machine from being opened when in use, so there’s no risk of burning yourself as with conventional metal nozzles and switches.