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Shakerato on the beach

Time: 10 mins
Difficulty: Medium
Coffee and Alcohol based

“Shakerato”, or shaken iced coffee in Italian, is a popular summer drink on the beaches. The "Sex On The Beach" cocktail has been just as popular since its creation in Florida during the Spring Break of 1987.
We suggest you mix these two drinks together to obtain a fruity (and alcoholic) iced coffee thanks to the DELONGHI fully automatic espresso machine and some tips and secrets!

Ingredients for 1 serving

• 1 double espresso*
• 3 cl/1oz of quality peach cream
• 3 cl/1oz premium vodka
• 6 cl/2oz of freshly squeezed pineapple juice
• 6 cl/2oz of cranberry juice

We suggest you select a specialty coffee, ask your roaster for advice.

For this recipe, we selected a coffee with a nice liveliness; a rich and intense coffee, combining notes of red fruits and exotic fruits. Its velvety texture and its sweet length in the mouth bring it a good balance. It is a blend prepared using the natural method of arabica coffees.

The espressos* are prepared with the DELONGHI espresso grinder. Here are the settings we recommend:
• Amount of coffee: 5/5
• Grind: 1.5/7
• Volume per espresso: 30 ml


Step 1
Fill the small part of your shaker with as many ice cubes as possible

Step 2
Pour the double espresso into a container with a spout

Step 3
Meanwhile pour the quality peach cream, premium vodka and fruit juices into the large part of the shaker

Step 4
Pour the double espresso into your glass

Step 5
Add as many ice cubes as possible to your glass

Step 6
Empty the lost ice from the small part of the shaker

Step 7
Close your shaker and shake intensely but quickly

Step 8
Filter and pour the cocktail gently into your glass

Step 9

Variant Suggestion

This cocktail can be easily personalized according to the seasonal ingredients you have available and do not hesitate to enhance the synergy between the typicality of your coffee and that of your liqueur

For example, replace the peach cream with another fruit liqueur. And if you have a coffee with floral notes, opt for a rose cream or an elderflower liqueur!

So be creative and above all, HAVE FUN!

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