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Lavender Latte

Time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Easy
Milk Based

This floral hot coffee drink gets some added zing from the lime zest garnish.


• 1 espresso cup: we suggest a honey processed Geisha Arabica bean with a light roast. Its sweet berry and red fruit notes complement the floral quality and sweetness of the lavender syrup

• 10 ml/0.34oz Lavender syrup

• 1 tbsp lavender

• 30 g/1oz granulated sugar

• 35ml/1.18oz water

• Semi-skimmed milk, cold from the fridge

• Grate to taste: Lime zest


Step 1
Use a Latte macchianto glass

Step 2
On hot mode, make a doppio (double espresso)

Step 3
Add the ingredients to a saucepan and cook over medium heat for 5-6 mins or until the sugar has melted. Allow to the resulting syrup cool and add 10 ml/0.34oz to the espresso

Step 4
Select the hot function, on full froth, and dispense until the milk reaches the top

Step 5
Grate over some lime zest to add some sharp acidity to cut through the sweet floral flavour


Cold + Hot.
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