Sweet-scented oat milk Macchiato

Time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Medium
Milk Based

Adding a gentle floral undertone to your oat-milk coffee.


• Coffee beans – we suggest a blend of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta

• 150 ml/5oz: oat milk at fridge temperature

• 10 g/0.35 oz: red osmanthus

• 10 g/0.35 oz: honey

• 10 g/0.35 oz: Goji berries

• 10 g/0.35 oz: red bean syrups

• Edible flowers

• Osmanthus


Step 1

First, add the red osmanthus, honey and Goji berries into a glass

Step 2

Then, prepare a hot milk in the milk jug

Step 3

Add the red bean syrups into the milk jug, mixing well

Step 4

Pour the hot milk froth into the glass

Step 5

Prepare an espresso in a container

Step 6

Slowly pour the espresso into the glass

Step 7

Finally, garnish with some osmanthus and edible flowers


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