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De’Longhi heaters: Warm, sweet home

Our plug and play heating solutions: extra warmth for your every need.

Craft your ideal comfort zone.


The heat for every need

The heat you need; any room, any situation.


Heat, when you need it

Our appliances are plug and play: just turn them on, sit back and enjoy the warmth.


Wherever you want

Easy to move, our portable heaters make the perfect heat solution for any room of the house.


Oil-filled radiator heaters: the gentle heat that lasts

The enveloping heat for long-term use.

Thanks to the combination of convection and the thermal inertia, our oil-filled radiator heaters provide a gentle and enveloping warmth and are the ideal solution for long-term use in rooms up to 230 feet.

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Convector heaters: the even, steady heating

Fast heat, whenever you need it.

Our convector heaters use the natural convection effect to distribute warm air evenly and keep rooms at a constant temperature. Ideal for medium term use in rooms up to 230 feet.

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Fan heaters: direct heat, in an instant

Get rid of the chills, any time, any place.

With customizable warmth, our fan heaters are perfect for use in small-to-medium-sized rooms, up to 197 feet, or as personal and portable heaters.

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