Dedica Cappuccino Maker - Stainless Steel EC 860.M

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EC 860.M Manuals/FAQs/Parts

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How do I froth milk using the traditional milk frother?

Using the traditional frother can take a bit of practice.

  • First of all, ensure the milk is fresh and at refrigerator temperature. Use a stainless steel carafe so you can feel the temperature of the milk.
  • In order to make perfect cappuccinos, dip the tip of the traditional milk frother into the milk. When the appliance is ready, carefully rotate the steam valve until it is fully open. This will froth the milk.
  • Never heat the milk over 160 F/70 C as this will affect the quality of the frothed milk.
  • It is also possible to froth the milk in this way for excellent hot chocolate and malt drinks.
  • Each time you finish milk delivery, allow a little steam to flush through the frother, and remember to clean the removable nozzles thoroughly.

My pump espresso is leaking from the milk frother. What can I do?

If your machine is leaking from the traditional frother, please carry out the following simple checks:

  • Disassemble the traditional frother as shown in your instruction manual and ensure they are completely clean and free of milk residue.
  • Ensure the steam selector is fully closed.
  •  With a pin or similar, clean the inside of the traditional frother nozzle. Check both o-rings are visible and intact.
  • If you have not descaled the machine, do so. If you are in a hard water area, this should be carried out every month or two, depending on how many coffees you make each day.

How do I clean my automatic milk system?

  • After each milk preparation, it is essential to always carry out the cleaning of the milk circuit, simply by turning the dial to the 'Clean' setting or, depending on the model of your machine, pressing and holding the 'Clean' button for a few seconds. Doing so will remove any debris that may block the milk ducts.
  • Keep the milk container lid clean by washing it in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher at least once a week.
  • Ensure that the connector on the machine is also free from debris, paying particular attention to the o-rings on the connector.
  • For best results, clean your machine monthly with the De'Longhi milk cleaning solution. 

*Pictured glassware not included with machine.