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LatteCrema Milk Carafe Magnifica Evo


  • $29.95
In stock SKU: AS00005733

Compatible with:

  • ECAM220.60
  • ECAM220.61
  • ECAM220.63
  • ECAM220.80
  • ECAM22080
  • ECAM222.60
  • ECAM223.61
  • ECAM290.51   ECAM290.61   ECAM290.62   ECAM290.63 ECAM290.81   ECAM290.83   ECAM290.84
  • ECAM29063   ECAM29064 ECAM29081   ECAM29084
  • ECAM292.52   ECAM292.81
  • ECAM293.52  ECAM293.61
  • FEB2262     FEB2282
  • FEB2961    FEB2981
  • S8 LATTE              S8 LATTEPRO
  • LatteCrema system delivers creamier milk foam for all milk-based coffee beverages; use cold milk for optimal results

  • Self-cleaning function can be activated after each use

  • Use multiple carafes for different kinds of milk

  • Detachable, can be stored in the fridge after use

  • Dishwasher safe