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Why my Espresso pump machine does not prime?

If the pump espresso maker is new, or has not been used for some time, there may be air in the system. Please carry out the following simple steps to rectify this problem:

  • Place a cup underneath the traditional frother.
  • Switch the machine on and open the steam valve fully, and leave open for at least thirty seconds. Do not be alarmed if the machine vibrates or is noisy initially.
  • After 30 seconds, and once water has begun to pour from the traditional frother, close the steam valve fully.
You are now ready to deliver coffee. If the machine is more than a few months old and it is unable to deliver coffee it may need descaling.

Please follow the instructions in your manual and clean the coffee delivery area and filters as instructed. Ensure the  frother nozzles are clean and free from milk residue.