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Why is there no pre infusion happening when my La Specialista Arte is set to ’Espresso’?

The pre infusion setting can be adjusted for three different levels: no pre infusion, 1 second, or 2 seconds.

Depending on your desired taste, and the type of beans you are using, you can adjust the pre-infusion setting by following the steps below:

1) Press and hold simultaneously the "X1 / X2" and temperature button for 3 seconds.

2) Turn the beverage selector dial to "espresso".

3) Press the temperature button until the light corresponding to the pre infusion setting you want is illuminated:

         a) lower light = no pre infusion

         b) middle light = 1 second pre infusion

         c) upper light = 2 second pre infusion

4) Press the OK button to save the change.