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What should I do when the ground container alarm symbol on my TrueBrew is showing solid on my display?

When you see the ground container alarm, it means you need to empty the ground container and the disposal water container.
  1. Pull the drip tray straight out to have easy access to the containers and infuser. The symbol will now be blinking.
  2. Empty the two containers.
  3. Insert them back into the unit.
  4. Push the drip tray back into the machine. The light should now be off.
At times, the symbol may appear but when you remove the drip tray you do not see grounds or water in the containers. Please wait 10 seconds and reinsert the drip tray to clear the alarm. Please note if you pull the drip tray out and try to reinsert it back before the 10 seconds passed, the alarm light will remain on.