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How do I change the strength of the espresso on my La Specialista?

The intensity of the coffee is determined by the roasting type and strength* of the coffee beans you choose, and the fineness setting you choose on the grinder which ranges from finest (lower number) to coarse (higher number).
When the desire is a more intense coffee you should choose a lower setting which will result in a finer grind.
For a lighter coffee choose an higher setting resulting in a more coarse grind. 
Important - When you adjust the grinder, you must only move it by one click at a time and only while the grinder is in operation. A small adjustment makes a big difference. It may take a few grinds until you reach the desired grind consistency.

*Please note: The strength of the coffee is determined by the grind, not by the amount of coffee. You should never used the coffee amount dial to determine the coffee strength.