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How do I Froth Milk using the ‘manual mode’ on my Dedica Maestro Plus EC950?

To make the froth using the manual mode, follow these steps:

  1. Place the steam wand into the ‘M’(manual steaming) position.
  2. Place the frothing milk jug under the steam wand and turn the steam lever to the steam position.
  3. To froth the milk, set the tip of the steam wand just under the surface of the milk. This will mix air into the milk and steam. Be sure to keep the steam wand just under the milk surface not to let in too much air. That can create excessively large bubbles which isn’t what you want.
  4. During the Manual steaming process, the Milk Temperature indicator light will inform you what temperature the milk is at during the process.
  5. Once the milk is heated to the desired temperature, turn the steam lever back to the steam position.
  6. Wait until the steam stops completely before removing the milk jug.
  7. Turn the steam wand to the “OFF” position after each use to engage the automatic rinsing.

Please watch the dedicated section "manual steaming" of the video below