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How do I Clean my Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

We offer a wide variety of cleaning solutions and packs to satisfy your machine’s needs so, please check them out on our website to learn more about them. Below you can find a short list:

  • Use fresh water every day;

  • Choose good quality coffee beans! Please avoid any coffee beans that are too oily, caramelised or coated;

  • Store your coffee beans correctly: In a dry and dark places;

  • Regularly make your favourite drinks with your machine so all internal circuits remain clean and away from limescale buildups:

  • Set the coffee grinder only when the machine is actively grinding the beans, otherwise you risk to jam or stuck the grinder;

  • Use the DeLonghi descaler and never vinegar! Depending on the water you use, your coffee machine you may need to descale your coffee machine less or more frequently. Only a good descaling solution will help your machine to be properly maintained;

  • Use a water filter to reduce the need of descaling your appliance and keep the minerals naturally present in water, away!

  • Make daily rinses! Before and after each time you use your coffee machine so you avoid the coffee buildups on your appliance.

  • Clean the Brewing unit every week! Before extracting the brewing unit, be sure to turn your machine Off from the On/Off button and wait for the complete shutdown procedure to be completed. Only after, you can extract the Brewing unit and clean it with WATER ONLY. We suggest immersing the Unit underwater for some minutes and then rinsing it under tap water. Dry the Brewing Unit and insert it back into the machine. 


We offer a wide variety of cleaning solutions and packs to satisfy your machine’s needs so, please check them out on our website to learn more about them. Here below you can find a short list:

EcoDecalk: Keep your coffee tasting delicious with the regular use of our eco-friendly descaler. Eco-friendly universal descaling solution with natural ingredients. Extends the life of your machine, preserves energy efficiency and guarantees the best coffee flavor. Faster and more effective than conventional limescale removers


WaterFilter: The filter helps reduce limescale, resulting in better coffee quality and extending your coffee machine’s working life. Please verify if it’s compatible with your machine.



Eco MultiClean: Keep your coffee maker clean and free from milk residue with our ECO Multiclean. A detergent designed for cleaning the milk carafe circuit. Removes milk residue and effectively cleans external and removable parts of your coffee maker.


Watch the dedicated HowTo YouTube playlist here to learn more about them.


To extend your Fully Automatic Coffee Machine’s lifespan and obtain amazing coffee-based drinks, it is highly recommended to take good care of your machine by cleaning all its components regularly.

Different parts of the machine require different cleaning procedures, but first things first, let’s see the Care and maintenance accessories.