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Dedica and Dedica Arte: Descaling and Cleaning

How do I descale my Dedica?

Descaling is required when the "descale“ red light goes On, on the display. The frequency of descaling depends on the hardness of the water in your area. It's important to perform the water hardness tests, to set the descaling rate on the machine accordingly.

We recommend to always use the De’Longhi water filter, to widen the time between descaling procedures.

The descaling procedure takes around 25/30 minutes to be completed so be sure to have enough time to finish the process. It's highly recommended to use our descaling solution, EcoDecalk, as it contains the correct ingredients to perform a perfect descaling.


Make sure to watch the video or follow the step-by-step guides to properly complete all descaling procedures.

Dedica Arte:



STEP-BY-STEP Guide Dedica:

Important! Before use, read the instructions and the labelling on the descaler pack. 

It is important to use the De’Longhi descaler only. Using an unsuitable descaler and/or performing descaling incorrectly may result in faults not covered by the manufacturer's guarantee.

If present, remove the Water Filter before descaling the appliance.

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Descale the appliance when the orange light on the button comes on.

  1. Fill the tank with the descaler solution obtained by diluting the descaler with water following the instructions on the pack. 

  2. Press the ON/OFF button.

  3. Make sure the filter holder is not attached and position a recipient under the cappuccino maker.

  4. Wait for the and lights to come on steadily, indicating that the appliance is ready for use. 

  5. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds until the three buttons flash in sequence.

  6. Turn the steam dial to the position. 

  7. Press the button to start descaling. 

  8. The descale programme starts and the descaler liquid comes out of the water spout. The descale programme removes limescale deposits from inside the appliance by automatically performing a series of rinses and pauses until the tank is empty. 

Please note: During descaling, close the steam dial from time to time to deliver small quantities of descaler from the coffee spouts to clean the coffee circuit.

  1. The appliance stops operation and the orange light continues to flash, indicating that descaling is still underway. 

  2. You now need to rinse the appliance with clean water;

  3. Empty the recipient used to collect the descaler solution and reposition it under the spouts.

  4. Extract the water tank, empty it, rinse it under running water, fill it with fresh water up to the MAX level and put it back in the appliance. 

  5. Make sure the steam dial is in the , position, then press the button to start rinsing.

  6. Perform a second rinse cycle from points 7 to 9 with the filter inserted (if present previously).

  7. When the water tank is empty, the orange light goes off and descaling is complete. The and lights flash. 

  8. Turn the steam dial to 0. 

  9. Fill the tank with fresh water.

The machine is now ready for use.

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