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Can you adjust the espresso and hot water temperatures on my La Specialista?

With regards to changing the hot water temperature, no, this is a pre set temperature of approximately 200F (95C) 


With regards to changing the espresso temperature, yes, the unit has two pre set temperatures (Standard and High). The difference between Standard and High is approximately 5F(2C)   


To change these temperature settings:

  1. With the machine on and ready, make sure the mode selection dial is set to Espresso 
  2. Press and hold the "X2" and "My" coffee buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds to access the water temperature setting.


  3. The "water tank" and "tamp" light flash alternately and the "temperature" light remains on steady. This indicates you can choose the desired temperature setting.


  4. Press the button that corresponds to your desired temperature,    “X2” button is for Standard temperature and “Rinse” button is for High temperature
  5. Press the On/Standby button to exit out of the program