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Coffee Maker Water Filter


Use only the official De'Longhi Water Filter for best results. Prolongs the life of your machine. 

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The filter helps reduce limescale, resulting in better coffee quality and extending your coffee machine’s working life.

Also available in a money saving four pack.

Compatible with:

ECAM, ETAM, and EPAM (not ESAM) automatic coffee machines, and

EC9335, EC680, EC685, and EC860 manual pump coffee machines.

  • Reduces limescale, resulting in improved coffee quality

  • Improve coffee machine performance and extends its working life

  • For optimal results the water filter cartridge should be replaced at least every 2 months

  • Easy to install


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The De’Longhi Water Filter protects the machine from excessive formation of limescale deposits and helps eliminate impurities from the water, improving your coffee taste.   It lasts for two months under normal conditions before you need to replace with a new one, and can reduce the frequency of descaling.   You can set your machine to register that the water filter is installed, so that it can tell you when you need to replace.