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Radiator Space Heater

Comfort Temp Full Room Radiant Heater


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Put comfort first with the 1500-watt EW7707CM De’Longhi radiant heater, featuring an exclusive thermal slot design that maximizes heat flow while maintaining surface temperature. The result? Better heat that won’t dry out the air or stir up dust, hair, or other allergens. Additionally, save on your energy bills with ComfortTemp—which delivers up to 20% more efficiency—without sacrificing the quiet, powerful heat you love. And thanks to built-in safety elements and intuitive Cool Touch controls, you can adjust your heat flow with ease and confidence.

  • 1500W of long lasting, quiet heat
  • Simple controls for ease of use
  • Adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings
  • Anti-Freeze setting to help keep pipes from freezing
  • Thermal shutoff safety protection
  • Exclusive, pre-assembled Smart Snap Wheels
  • Lower Energy Bills- heat only the room you're in
Up to 20% More Efficient*

Up to 20% More Efficient*

Deploy the ComfortTemp feature to automatically maintain the optimal temperature and power levels. *versus using the same unit thermostat at max setting without ComfortTemp
Better Heating

Better Heating

Delivers gentle heat minimizing dry air, creating a better breathing environment that is more allergy friendly with no fan to stir up dust, pollen and dander.
Built-in Safety Elements

Built-in Safety Elements

Thermal cut-off, fully enclosed heating elements, and gently rounded design
Simple Controls
Allow you to easily adjust power level and temperature.
Exclusive Thermal Slot Design
Maximizes heat flow into the room while maintaining a low surface temperature
Durable & Low Maintenance
High quality steel assembly and permanently-sealed diathermic oil reservoir never needs refilling.
No Installation Required
A comfort hold handle paired with exclusive smart snap wheels, built-in for convenience, provide out-of-the-box easy movement from room to room as needed.