Cocoa latte macchiato (without sugar)

Time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Easy
Milk Based

How about a gourmet breakfast? Here is the perfect recipe to start your day in the best possible way thanks to De’Longhi bean coffee machines and some tips and secrets!

Ingredients for 1 serving

For a 350ml/11.8oz glass of cocoa latte macchiato (sugar-free), you’ll need:

• 1 espresso *

• 1 tablespoon of bitter cocoa

• 30 cl/10ozof milk or plant based milk


For this recipe we suggest you use a washed coffee of the Arabica variety with an intense and balanced flavor, with hints of fruit and a pleasant acidic aftertaste to obtain a combination of flavors with bitter cocoa

Espresso * is made with a coffee machine in De’Longhi beans. Here are the settings we recommend:

• Grinding: 2.5

• Coffee volume: 50 ml

The milk foam is prepared with the Latte Crema system integrated into De’Longhi bean coffee machines. Here are the settings we recommend for a 350ml glass:

• Foam texture: setting 3

• Milk foam preparation time: 23 seconds


Step 1
Pour a tablespoon of bitter cocoa into a 350ml glass

Step 2
Start preparing milk foam with the Milk Cream system

Step 3
Pour the milk foam into the glass and mix with a spoon to dissolve the cocoa

Step 4
Start extracting the espresso with your coffee machine in De’Longhi beans and then pour the espresso into the glass

Step 5
Start another milk foam to pour into the glass as the final layer

Step 6
Add a sprinkling of bitter cocoa to decorate your latte macchiato

Did you know

Thanks to De’Longhi bean coffee machines and their integrated Latte Crema system, it is very easy to customize your drink according to your taste preferences:

• You can change the texture of the foam, more or less creamy

• You can change the amount of milk according to the volume of the glass

• You can change the grinding settings according to your coffee taste, so you get a taste in the cup that matches the terroir of your coffee beans

• You can also add honey, agave syrup or flavored syrup to flavor your cocoa latte macchiato


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