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The Rise of Quality Coffee at Home

Enjoying skillfully crafted coffee no longer requires a trip to your local coffee shop. Nowadays, you can have a personal barista right in your home, ready to make your perfect cup the moment you wake up. This individualized service doesn't refer to an actual barista at your disposal but rather a fully automatic espresso machine that caters to your specific taste.
The Rise of Quality Coffee at Home
De'Longhi's Commitment to Quality
De'Longhi's automatic coffee machine is more than just a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter. This brilliant appliance is engineered to coordinate multiple variables within the brewing process, creating your perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. Not only is it smart, but it’s also a great listener, and will remember everything you tell it!

The rise of quality coffee at home is a growing trend amongst consumers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, coffee drinkers responded to coffee shop closures by sharpening their own barista skills. As an example, studies conducted by Toluna in 2020 showed a 72% increase in interest in espresso, plus a 60% increase in espresso consumption in the United States. The cultural shift from experiencing espresso out-of-home to in-home was also reflected in coffee machine sales, which saw an impressive 53% increase that year alone.

So if you're on the fence about investing in your own at-home barista, know that you're not alone in this exciting venture into coffee making. Here are some of the main takeaways you can enjoy from brewing coffee at home.
If you do a simple cost analysis of what you spend at coffee shops per week, the results may surprise you. An average of two coffees per day can cost a household roughly $50 a week. And depending on your personal coffee consumption, your average weekly expense at cafés could ultimately pay for a machine within 3 to 6 months. So while the experience of visiting a café is irreplaceable, how much you could potentially be saving by investing in equipment can be convincing enough. When in doubt, do the math and weigh your options.
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Bring quality coffee at home with De'Longhi

Discover the perfect machine for you
Making coffee at home shouldn't require sacrificing quality. DeLonghi's automatic coffee machines have been designed to replicate the authentic barista experience, including steps in the brewing process like grinding, dosing, and tamping. These machines also use revolutionary technology like the LatteCrema system, which produces barista-standard milk frothing with excellent microfoam. Plus, they also come with an automatic cleaning system.
Say goodbye to long lines at the local shop. De’Longhi offers consumers Automatic Coffee Machine models with features that allow you to program and customize a desired coffee beverage ahead of time, so you no longer have to wait for your first cup in the morning. Additionally, the De'Longhi Coffee Link App offers you all of your machine settings right at your fingertips. You can program your machine remotely and explore various coffee recipes that can be customized to your taste. And for further convenience, all your favorite recipes can also be saved to make with just a press of a button.

Support Your Local
Your support for local coffee businesses shouldn't end once you purchase your own machine. After all, you'll still require fresh coffee beans to make your drinks at home. Support small businesses by purchasing beans from your favorite café or local roaster. By doing so, you'll also form a deeper connection with your local coffee experts by learning about their unique roasts that you love.

Still wondering what beans to buy? De’Longhi has co-created a signature blend of coffee beans along with Coperaco.

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