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Introducing Our Limited Edition
Honduras Specialty
Coffee Beans

Introducing Our Limited Edition
Honduras Specialty
Coffee Beans

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Discover the journey from bean to cup.

De’Longhi’s Honduras coffee beans are grown following good, clean and fair guidelines, in the plantation Finca Rio Coloado,
part of the Las Capucas Sustainable Village.

The Slow Food Community was created in 2021, located in Las Capucas, municipality of San Pedro de Copán, west of Honduras. Its aim is to ensure
the commercialization of good quality coffee and generate economic income for the families of coffee producers committed to the
environment and productive sustainability, training them in Slow Food values.

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From the delicate, elegant aroma of our medium-light roast, to the intense, long-lasting flavors of our medium-dark roast, experience your Honduras Specialty Coffee today, freshly ground by any of our De'Longhi automatic machines or our La Specialista Collection.

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Our commitment to sustainability with the
Slow Food Coffee Coalition

We are committed to empowering coffee lovers to make more responsible coffee choices by giving greater insight into the people and processes along the coffee value chain.

Thanks to our partnership with Slow Food Coffee Coalition, we aim to support the activities of coffee producers and empower farmers by increasing consumer knowledge of their best practices and commitment to producing good, clean, and fair coffee.

Learn more about the Slow Food Coffee Coalition.

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