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Cleaning Tabs for Manual Espresso Machines, 8 pack


Convenient cleaning tabs to keep your De'Longhi manual espresso maker clean

  • $14.95
In stock SKU: AS00002139

Extend the life of your De'Longhi coffee maker and ensure the best coffee flavour every time with De'Longhi Cleaning Tabs. These high-performance tablets effectively remove coffee grounds and oils from the inside of the machine in between uses to maintain brewing performance and energy efficiency. Certified for organic use, all ingredients are rapidly biodegradable.

  • Removes coffee oils and grounds, keeping the coffee maker clean inside
  • Designed for La Specialista Models Prestigio, Opera and Maestro only 
  • Highly effective while remaining non-corrosive
  • Extend the life of your machine, preserve energy efficiency, and guarantee the best coffee flavour and crema
  • Convenient portion-controlled dose
  • Cleans the filter holder of any manual coffee maker
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*Not for use with La Specialista Arte as there is no Dry function.