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3D Comfort Air Purifier Fan with Heater


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Experience cleaner air and head-to-toe comfort all year round. Warming in winter and cooling in summer, purified air all year round, welcome to your comfort zone. The De’Longhi 3D Comfort Air Purifier is engineered to remove up to 99.9%* of allergens and pollutants and deliver year-round comfort.

Provide your family the benefits of breathing clean, purified air all year long with the added comfort of gentle heat and a cooling breeze. By efficiently removing up to 99.9% of allergens and pollutants, the De’Longhi 3D Comfort Air Purifier virtually eliminates harmful, ultrafine particles in the air. Mold, dust, pet dander and bacteria are removed right down to 0.1 micron with a 360° double-layer HEPA-type air filter.

Customize your comfort from head to toe with 6 heat settings for gentle warmth and 10 fan settings for a comforting breeze. De’Longhi’s revolutionary 3D Comfort Technology gently envelopes you in clean, fresh air with no hot spots or cold blasts. Whether you have allergies, are looking to improve indoor air quality, have pets or simply want the freshest home environment, you’ll breathe better with the De’Longhi 3D Comfort.

The sleek, modern Italian design complements any décor, making it the perfect addition to your home. It’s time to experience why true comfort begins with the air you breathe.

  • Create ideal comfort zone: warming in winter and cooling in summer, purified air all year round
  • Removing up to 99.9% of fine particles such as bacteria, allergens and pollutants for cleaner air
  • Enveloping comfort sensation, head-to-toe, with no drafts of hotspots or cold blasts
  • Optimise energy consumption with the ECO function
3-in-1 Year Round Comfort

3-in-1 Year Round Comfort

Patented 3D Comfort technology creates a gentle, ambient circulation of clean, warm or cool, purified air.
Removes 99.9% of Allergens & Pollutants

Removes 99.9% of Allergens & Pollutants

De’Longhi 3D Comfort Technology and the 360° double-layer particulate HEPA-type air filter create better air quality for your home.
Convenient Features
Optional oscillation for wide range heating, countdown timer, and handy remote for control at your fingertips.
Enjoy Peace Of Mind
Safety Features include a thermal shutoff to prevent overheating and an internal tip-over switch that automatically turns the unit off if it falls over.
Cool Air With No Cold Blasts
When it’s warm outside, you’ll feel more comfortable with 10 fan settings for consistent head-to-toe cooling comfort.
Gentle, Enveloping Warmth
3D Comfort Airflow offers 6 levels of warmth while it cleans the air, with no hot spots.


Technical Data
Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz) 120
Weight (Lbs) 16
3D Comfort Air Purifier with Heater and Fan - HFX85W15C

3D Comfort Air Purifier Fan with Heater


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