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From Bean to Cup: Closing the Circle

The first thing most of us do in the morning is brew a cup of coffee. During the day, coffee gives us a moment to relax or serves as the perfect base for recipe experimentation. Yet, coffee is part and parcel of our life, and we should put thoughtfulness behind everything we do daily–including making coffee. 

Svenja Tinzmann, a coffee lover passionate about green living, believes in treating her everyday rituals responsibly. Choosing sustainable coffee is just one of her many lifestyle choices on this path. 
Good coffee is fundamental

Many people aren’t familiar with what “good coffee” really entails, so Svenja encourages coffee lovers to start prioritizing the quality of the raw materials. The teacher and urban gardening blogger planted a fruit and vegetable garden on her terrace, a project that has proved eye-opening for understanding the work behind good products; she also applies this approach to coffee. She encourages respect for the raw materials and the people who cultivate them, and she implements this philosophy into her lifestyle by choosing sustainable coffee. 
Making conscientious choices

For Svenja, the right setting and mindset render a coffee Perfetto–a coffee to enjoy with a clear conscience and a little patience. No matter how small, every choice counts when making significant lifestyle changes. So to start, coffee lovers should know what their coffee choice means and learn what a good cup requires. 

Investing in quality can help change the world for the better, and making responsible purchases adds value to the entire coffee chain: it rewards the farmers' hard work while supporting the land on which they work. Svenja makes sure to enhance the coffee’s quality by choosing delicious beans that she can enjoy with a clear conscience. She also invested in a coffee machine that transforms the beans with respect to their integrity, celebrating the work of the farmers and roasters along the coffee value chain.  To her, the coffee machine, the grinder, and the milk foamer aren’t just technical tools – she finds these to be two of the most engaging aspects of the coffee preparation. They play a crucial role in helping accentuate the quality of the raw materials. 

Consumers who choose good, high-quality coffee can emulate Svenja by selecting a coffee machine that honors the integrity of the coffee beans, respecting the people and processes that lead to that first sip.

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