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Use only the official De'Longhi Water Filter and the descaler EcoDecalk for best results. Prolongs the life of your machine. 

Content: 2x Water Filter, 200ml (2 doses) of Ecodecalk

  • 9,40 €
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Disponible MODELO: 5513284381

The filter helps reducing limescale and purifies water, resulting in better coffee quality and extending your coffee machine’s working life.

Keep your coffee tasting delicious with the regular use of De'Longhi original Water Filter and the eco-friendly descaler EcoDecalk.



The original De'Longhi Water Filter x 2:

  • Sterilized.

  • Reduces limestone and heavy metals, resulting in improved coffee quality

  • Improve coffee machine performance and extends its working life

  • Easy to install, for optimal results, the water filter cartridge should be replaced at least every 2 months

EcoDecalk 200ml (2 doses):

  • Eco-friendly universal descaling solution with natural ingredients


  • Extends the life of your machine, preserves energy efficiency and guarantees the best coffee flavour
  • Faster and more effective than conventional limescale removers