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Massimiliano Marchesi: pairing practice

“The perfect pairing with coffee? Cheese. Because it plays on the classic combination of coffee and milk, only in this instance, it’s savoury.”

Massimiliano, a professional sommelier and SCA trainer, talks about tasting and unusual combinations between coffee and food.

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This isn’t hard to figure out: Massimiliano’s passion is looking for the perfect match between coffee and particular flavours, just like with wine. Not surprisingly, Massimiliano is a professional sommelier and trainer of the SCA. How many coffee pairings exist? Massimiliano describes several, including some that very few people could possibly imagine. In the mind of the drinker, coffee is a social gesture or a daily habit, it’s almost never a way to experiment with tastes and aromas. But the beauty of coffee, just like Massimiliano explains, lies in the fact that it has many aromatic nuances, whether it’s an espresso or a longer coffee, that makes it ideal to accompany whole meals. Unusual, but delicious.


A harmony of art and science, enjoyed by coffee experts

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