Livenza Digital Compact Oven 0.5 cu ft. - EO 141040S

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  • Bake function

    Bake function

    This function is perfect for food such as roasts as heat is provided by the upper and lower heating elements of the oven for consistent results. The time and temperature can be set according to weight of the food.

  • Cookies function

    Cookies function

    Heated air from the top and bottom elements are circulated thanks to the fan located on the side of the oven, quickly bringing the whole oven to an even temperature. This reduces cooking time, saves energy and produces evenly cooked food. Perfect for cooking cookies on two levels.

  • Grill function

    Grill function

    Consistent heat is distributed over the entire width of the upper, heating element for crisp and even results.

  • Keep warm function

    Keep warm function

    Both plates are fully removable and dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleaning.

  • Reheating function

    Reheating function

    Ideal for re-heating leftovers or cold food from the fridge.

  • Toast function

    Toast function

    Specific for toasting slices of bread. Use the 6 levels to set your preferred toast colour.

  • Pizza function

    Pizza function

    The simultaneous operation of the three elements make this function the optimum cooking facility for cooking pizzas with the possibility to cook on two level at the same time.

  • Digital controls

    Digital controls

    The digital interface allows you to easily control all your electric oven functions.

  • SCS Triple Surround Cooking System

    SCS Triple Surround Cooking System

    The exclusive SCS system delivers superior cooking performance due to the horizontal fan and the power of the three heating elements; circular, upper and lower leaving food deliciously crispy on the outside and on the tender inside.

  • Recipe Book app

    Recipe Book app

    The recipe book app available for iOS and Android devices allows to discover all our recipes directly on your smartphone or tablet.