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Small Cooking Appliance Buying Guide

Preparing your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is more convenient when you use a De’Longhi cooking appliance. From making fluffy waffles to authentic pizzas to juicy steaks and more, there’s a De’Longhi small kitchen appliance for you and your family. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know in order to choose the small kitchen appliance that best suits your needs.

Toaster Ovens & Countertop Ovens

Types of Ovens

Non-convection, Traditional Countertop Ovens

Roast, bake and broil your favorite meals to perfection with a traditional countertop oven. Traditional, non-convection ovens use a powerful heating element to cook your food and often include a variety of functions to suit your dish.

Convection Countertop Ovens

Get fast, delicious results with a convection countertop oven, which promotes consistent internal temperatures. Convection technology uses a fan to evenly circulate heat throughout the oven, so your food is quickly and thoroughly cooked when the timer goes off.


Side controls

Side controls are available in digital and manual options. The control panel on most countertop ovens is simple and some models offer presets you can look to for meals you prepare frequently.

Built-in timer

Some models come equipped with a built-in timer, which will alert you when your food is finished.

Toast function

If you’re looking for a countertop oven that can also replace your pop-up toaster, look for models with toast controls that allow you to choose the color of your toast, from light to dark and number of slices.

Interior lighting

If you like to monitor your food as it cooks, browse models with brightly lit interiors that make it easy to see inside.

Compact design

Countertop ovens are great for preparing small meals, appetizers and treats in your kitchen. The compact size won't take up too much space on your counter, so you'll have more room for food prep.

Easy cleanup

Most countertop ovens feature a removable crumb tray to make cleanup simple. If you really want an easy to clean countertop oven, look for models with non-stick interiors that are easy to wipe clean.

De’Longhi Countertop Toaster Ovens & Convection Ovens 

With the cooking capabilities of a traditional oven and the convenience of a compact kitchen appliance, a De’Longhi countertop oven is the ideal choice for all your toasting, roasting, baking and broiling needs. Heat up pastries for breakfast and prepare a personal pan pizza for dinner at home, all in one spacious, yet compact, tabletop convection oven.

De’Longhi countertop convection ovens come with functions that allow you to customize your cooking experience. Many of the ovens include settings for toasting, baking, broiling and defrosting in addition to preset programs for preparing pizza and cookies that take the guesswork out of cooking. Plus, De’Longhi toaster ovens offer the ability to change the temperature, toast color and cook time to meet your personal preferences. Multiple adjustable cooking racks give you the space to cook several food items at once. The Heat Lock System maintains the temperature inside while emitting up to 50% less heat off the oven door, providing peace of mind. Plus, you can monitor your food with the oven’s internal light and glass door. 

After you’re finished with your meal, cleanup is simple. De’Longhi convection toaster ovens are designed with non-stick interior components and removable crumb trays.

Good: Livenza Compact Toaster Oven, 14L (.5 cu ft), EO141040S

Better: Livenza 9-in-1 Air Fryer Convection Oven, 14L (.5 cu ft), EO141164M             

Best: Livenza Convection Toaster Oven, 24L (.8 cu ft), EO241250M

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Indoor Grills

Types of Indoor Grills


Enjoy the flavor of grilled food and the convenience of cooking in your own kitchen with an indoor grill you can use year-round. Great for everything from breakfast to dinner, many grills offer traditional grates for steaks, hamburgers and fish, a flat-top option for veggies, omelets, pancakes and waffle plates.

Panini Presses

Prepare restaurant-quality sandwiches in your own kitchen with a panini press. Great for thicker breads, like ciabatta, as well as wraps, panini presses help keep your sandwiches together as they cook by allowing you to grill both sides simultaneously. Many models come with removable grill plates for easy cleaning and boast compact designs that won't take up too much counter space in your kitchen.

Waffle Makers

Start your day with hot breakfast from a waffle maker. Waffle makers are available with round and square plates to suit your preferences and often feature nonstick surfaces for easy serving. Built-in timers and indicator lights make it easy to know when your waffles are ready to eat.

Indoor Grill Features


The controls on indoor grills can range from simple on/off switches to manual knobs to digital push-button controls. While on/off switches make using an indoor grill extremely easy, if you’re looking for more functions, such as the ability to sear delicious steaks and set temperatures, look for models that have multiple settings or temperature controls.

Grill Grates

Grates are made to evenly distribute heat and give your meats those fresh grill marks. Many models boast non-stick surfaces and dishwasher-safe designs that help make serving and cleanup simple.

Accessory Plates

Many indoor grills come with additional cooking surfaces or additional accessory plates. This allows you to cook your main dish and sides all in one area.

Indicator lights/LED displays

You’ll find a wide range of indicators to choose from on indoor grills, including simple ready lights and LED displays that provide the temperature and amount of cooking time left. You’ll typically find LED displays on models that have multiple functions and controls.

Grease Traps

Many grills catch oil and grease drippings in a dedicated cup or tray. This makes it easy to keep them away from your foods for healthier results and helps ensure easy cleaning.

De’Longhi Indoor Grills, Panini Presses & Waffle Makers

For those looking for a versatile appliance that’s great for year-round use, a De’Longhi indoor grill with interchangeable grill, griddle, and waffle plates is an ideal choice. De’Longhi countertop grills allow you to serve up cheeseburgers, steaks and more without firing up your outdoor grill.

The choices don’t stop with grilled meats – heat sandwiches and wraps or deliciously pressed paninis or cook eggs, pancakes and even pizza on the griddle plates with grill in BBQ mode. There’s no need for a separate electric griddle or sandwich maker. Floating hinges provide even pressure and its height will adjust to cook a diverse variety of your meals. Plus, with a top plate that can hover in place, you can perfectly broil steak and vegetables or melt cheese on pizza.

You can prepare evenly cooked, family-sized meals thanks to large cooking surfaces and embedded heating elements that distribute consistent, even heat. Models with the Durastone ceramic coating offer high, uniform heat and scratch resistance. You’ll also find De’Longhi indoor grill options with simple-to-use indicator lights and bright, easy-to-read digital displays that include the grill temperature and timer.

The safety-interlocking system secures the grill plates in position when cooking your food, and the cool-touch handles offer the peace of mind to prepare meals around family and friends.

With removable non-stick and dishwasher safe plates and drip trays, cleaning up a De’Longhi grill is a breeze. Release buttons help make it easy to take apart your panini press when you're finished cooking, and drainage features like the Perfect Oil Drain System help keep grease and oil contained in one easy-to-clean area.

Good: Livenza 3-in-1 Compact Indoor Grill, Griddle + Waffle Plates, SW13ABCS

Better: Livenza 5-in-1 Indoor Grill, Griddle, Panini Press, CGH912C

Best: Livenza Digital Indoor Grill, Panini Press + Waffle Plates, CGH1030D

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Types of Cookers

Slow Cookers

Make preparing a hot meal simple with a slow cooker. Simply add your ingredients, adjust the temperature and wait while your slow cooker does the work for you. Many programmable models come with a built-in timer to help ensure your meal is finished.


When you don’t have time to stand over a hot stove, look to a multi-cooker to help you serve family and friends. Multi-cookers offer many of the same conveniences of a slow cooker with the added benefit of meal versatility. Options like bake, steam, sauté and rice, make it easy to prepare a wide variety of recipes.

Pressure Cookers

Save time and energy in your kitchen with a pressure cooker, which offers fast, flavorful results. Great for a variety of recipes from meats to soups and sides, pressure cookers mirror the style of a slow cooker, but allow you to prepare your meal much faster.

Rice Cookers & Food Steamers

Eating healthy is simple with rice cookers and food steamers. Much like slow cookers, rice cookers and food steamers allow you to prepare meals without having to watch them over a hot stove.  Food steamers are great for preparing vegetables and some models accommodate meats, as well.

Cooker Features

Cooking Functions/settings

Most slow cookers will come with low and high settings. For a bit of extra control, look for a model that has low, medium, high and keep warm settings. Multi-cookers are more apt to come with specific settings, like Brown & Sauté, Steam, Rice, Bake and Slow Cook, to match the type of cooking you want to do.

Programmable Timer

Some machines are designed with built-in timers, so all you need to do is add your food, set the controls and wait until the appliance lets you know when your meal is done. If you're worried about overcooking, this may be an option for you.

Stovetop-safe Pot

Some slow cookers offer a built-in pot that can also be used in the stove.  This can come in handy for those recipes that tell you to sear meats before slow cooking and helps cut down on the amount of dishes you'll need to clean later on.

Keep Warm Setting

When your food is finished in the slow cooker, a "keep warm" setting can help you maintain its temperature until you're ready to serve. This is great for times when you're preparing multiple components of a meal in different areas of your kitchen.

Dishwasher-safe Pot

If you really want to make one-pot cooking as simple as can be, look for a slow cooker or multi-cooker that features a dishwasher-safe pot.

De’Longhi Slow Cookers & Multi-Cookers

De’Longhi slow cookers and multi-cookers are designed to make everyday meals more convenient. The Livenza slow cooker has a removable, non-stick pot that can be used on the stovetop to sear, braise and sauté vegetables, meat and more. Slow cooker recipes tend to be very simple yet delicious, while the creative dinner possibilities are endless. Throw a few ingredients in the cooker before you leave the house in the morning and be greeted by a hot meal when you arrive home. Because the single-pot design eliminates the need to use other pots, pans and appliances, clean- is easy.

If you’re serious about finding an all-in-one kitchen appliance to make all of your meals, you can end your search with a De’Longhi multi-cooker. It gives you the ability to brown and sauté, steam, rice, slow cook and bake delicious dishes with the touch of a button. Serve up smoky pulled pork, hearty soups and stews, homemade macaroni and cheese and more with a single, compact appliance.

De’Longhi slow cookers and multi-cookers have settings for low, medium and high heat and easy-to-read digital displays that make it simple to monitor your food. Plus, they have programmable timers that can be set up to 24 hours in advance and ExacTemp technology, which regulates the temperature settings to guarantee the best results. Once the meal is cooked, the automatic Keep Warm mode will ensure your favorite dishes are the perfect temperature for up to 12 hours.

Better: Livenza Programmable Slow Cooker with Stovetop Safe Cooking Pot, 6 Qt, CKS1660D

Best: Livenza All-in-One Programmable Multi-Cooker, 6 Qt, CKM1641D

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Types of Fryers

Deep Fryers

Prepare crisp, delicious fried foods at home with a deep fryer. Some models boast low oil consumption for healthier results, and many deep fryers come with a wide range of capacity options to suit small and large meals alike.

Air Fryers

Enjoy the fried foods you love with up to 90% less fats. Designed to replicate the taste and texture of a typical deep fryer, air fryers use convection technology to ensure fast, even heating and crispy results from the comfort of your kitchen.

Fryer Features

Adjustable Temperature

Some fryers give you the option of controlling the temperature. This feature makes it easier to crisp up your foods just the way you like them.

Cool-touch handles

When your food is finished frying, cool-touch handles and exteriors help make serving simple. If kitchen safety is a concern, this feature is a must.

Backlit digital controls

Setting timers and precise temperatures is a breeze with a digital control panel. It gives you the accuracy you need to ensure your food is cooked properly.

Easy draining

A built-in drain valve makes it easy to empty the oil reservoir when you're finished cooking. Simply switch it open and let it empty into a container.

Non-stick interior

For easy cleanup, look for a non-stick interior on the deep fryer you choose. It will make it simple to wipe clean when your food is finished frying.

De’Longhi Deep Fryers

Rather than browsing the frozen-food aisle for chicken tenders, ordering fried fish at a restaurant or running through the drive-thru for French fries, De’Longhi fryers let you prepare these foods easily at home. De’Longhi deep fryers have large capacities and adjustable thermostats that put you in control of the oil temperature. Look for Cool Zone technology, which prevents oil from getting too hot and burning your food to ensure the best taste.

Traditional frying methods can cause hot oil to splatter, which can be unsafe and incredibly messy. A De’Longhi deep fryer eliminates the worry with cool-touch handles and exterior walls and windowed lids. It’s easy to drain and dispose of the oil after frying, too – just open the Easy Clean valve on the front and drain the oil into a container. After you’ve enjoyed your snacks, you can easily remove the fryer components and place them in the dishwasher to be cleaned. 

Better: Cool Touch RotoFry Low Oil Deep Fryer, 2.2 lb, D28313UKBK

Best: Livenza Deep Fryer, 1.2-Gallon, D44528DZ

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De’Longhi MultiFry Air Fryer & Multi-Cooker

If you want your fried foods to be on the healthier side, De’Longhi air fryers use little to no oil which means less fat, without sacrificing the taste you love. The Patented Surround Cooking System encases the food with heat to cook evenly for best results when frying food. Air fryers aren’t limited to frying, the exclusive design of the MultiFry allows for cooking with or without the mixing paddle for an infinite variety of recipes. SAVE TIME, NO STIRRING. The automatic mixing paddle consistently mixes food allowing you to fry, sauté and roast a variety of recipes without the need to stir, saving you time in the kitchen.  Best of all, it’s easy to use and create boundless dishes with its intuitive controls.   Now, you can easily prepare a wide variety of your favorite recipes right on your countertop – from crispy French fries to sauces and steaks to salmon. MultiFry even bakes pizzas, cakes and pies. . To top it off, non-stick, anti-scratch ceramic coatings and dishwasher-safe lids, paddles and bowls make cleaning up simple.

Great: MultiFry Air Fryer & Multi-Cooker, 3.3lbs Capacity, FH1163

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De’Longhi Kitchen Appliance Accessories

Preparing healthy, delicious meals is simple when you have the right appliances, and you can keep them up and running with the right accessories. Extra fry bowls, filters and grill plates will help expand the lifespan of your products and help ensure continuously delicious results over time.

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Find the Best Slow Cookers, Multi-Cookers, Convection Ovens and More

Transform great ingredients into exceptional food in less time:  De’Longhi kitchen appliances give you the ability to create delicious dishes for friends and family.  De’Longhi provides time-deprived home cooks the confidence to prepare quick, wholesome and impressive meals with simplicity and ease.

When it comes to beautifully engineered, quality products, look to De’Longhi for the best countertop ovens, indoor grills, cookers and fryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of foods and recipes can I create with De’Longhi cooking appliances?

De’Longhi cooking and small kitchen appliances can help you prepare a wide variety of foods for every meal of the day. Whether you’re following a family recipe or cooking on the fly, De’Longhi countertop ovens, indoor grills, cookers, fryers and other tools give you the opportunity to conveniently create delicious meals, like soups, sandwiches, French fries, steaks, pancakes, pies and more. Download the De’Longhi Free Recipes app from the App Store or Google Play to find new recipes and keep them at your fingertips.

After use, do these appliances require considerable cleanup?

Most De’Longhi appliances are designed with non-stick and anti-scratch surfaces, removable components and dishwasher-safe parts that make cleanup a breeze. Several De’Longhi fryers also come equipped with integrated oil drain systems that make getting rid of the grease simple.

What’s the difference between convection and non-convection toaster ovens or countertop ovens?

Unlike traditional ovens, convection ovens use a fan to circulate the hot air surrounding the food. As a result, convection ovens typically cook foods quicker and produce more even results than non-convection ovens.

What are the differences between multi-cookers, slow cookers and other types of cookers?

Slow Cookers

Preparing a meal with a slow cooker is easy and convenient. Add the ingredients to the pot before you leave in the morning and arrive home at the end of the day to a fully cooked meal. The slow cooker is suitable for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. A Crock-Pot® is simply a brand of slow cooker.


A multi-cooker is a versatile all-in-one appliance that eliminates the need to use additional pots and pans. Many multi-cookers offer a number of cook settings that can include sautéing, steaming, baking and slow cooking your food. 

Dutch Oven

The Dutch oven is a cast iron pot that’s used on a traditional stove top or a wood-burning stove to prepare stews, roasts and more. Unlike the slow cooker or multi-cooker, a Dutch oven needs to be regularly monitored. 

Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker uses steam pressure to cook food quickly. However, many pressure cookers cannot be left unattended. Instant Pot® is a pressure cooker brand.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker’s primary function is to cook rice. Though it can also be used to steam vegetables and fish, the multi-cooker and slow cooker are more versatile for preparing meals. 

Convection Oven

A convection oven uses a fan to circulate hot air to cook food evenly. When it comes to cooking pizza, meat and fish, a convection oven is a great choice.

Air Fryer

Air fryers make crispy foods, like homemade French fries, using a minimal amount of oil, or none at all. They’re ideal for those who want to make fried foods that are healthier than fast food.

Food Steamer

Similar to the rice cooker, the food steamer utilizes steam to cook food. Unlike the multi-cooker and slow cooker, the food steamer is limited in its abilities to prepare different types of meals.