Manual Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker - Red - ECP3220R

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  • 15 bar pressure

    15 bar pressure

    The 15 bar pressure creates an Espresso with a rich aroma and a nut coloured cream on top

  • Fixed milk frother

    Fixed milk frother

    With the milk frother you can manually mix steam and milk to create the perfect density to froth for your Cappuccino

  • Double drip tray

    Double drip tray

    The removable drip tray allows you to use mugs and glasses up to 12 cm tall

  • Ground coffee or pods

    Ground coffee or pods

    Prepare your Espresso with ground coffee or with the easy-to-use pods. Powder is available in a broad selection of aroma to let you prepare your cup of coffee with your favourite blend. Pods are extremely practical because your coffee is already packaged and ready to go.

  • Auto shut off

    Auto shut off

    Automatically shut off power 20 minutes after the last coffee brew to save energy