Dedica Manual Espresso Machine - Red - EC 680.R

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680.R Manuals/FAQs

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Why doesn't the On/Off button on my Dedica 680M work?

Press the On/Off button until you feel the click.  An auto-off function turns the appliance off when not in use for a period of time (9 minutes maximum) to save energy.  To turn it back on again, press any button on the control panel.

Why does water leak from the water tank on my Dedica 680M?

When placing the water tank back on your Dedica 680M after filling, please be sure that it is positioned properly and fit tightly from the bottom.

Why are the control panel lights flashing after I use the frother on my Dedica 680M?

If both coffee buttons are blinking (see image below), it means that the temperature is too high to brew the espresso correctly. To cool the machine down turn the steam dial on the ON position to allow water to be released from the machine. When the water stops, turn the dial to the 'O' position. The machine is now ready to brew again.

Lights Blinking Releasing pressure

*Pictured glassware not included with machine.