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EcoDecalk Manuals/FAQs

Which descaler should I use with my espresso coffee machine?

  • The only descaler recommended for safe use with De'Longhi coffee machines is the De'Longhi Descaler, which can be purchased from our website at The De'Longhi descale solution consists of natural ingredients which are completely safe for use with our coffee machines and will be gentle on working parts.
  • For usage instructions, please refer to your machine's instruction manual.

How much water should I add to the descale solution?

 Generally speaking, you should fill the tank to the fill line once the descaler solution has been added. Please double check your machine's instruction manual for any exceptions. 

Where can I buy new accessories for my machine?

You can purchase parts through our toll free number (For US 1-800-322-3848; For Canada 1-888-335-6644) or by visiting our website at