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Why is the coffee from my Coffee Machine watery? What can I do?

Several factors can affect the taste and creaminess of your coffee drink, and there is nothing worse than starting a new day with a bad coffee. We are here to help so please check the below hints and tips:

Beans Freshness

The coffee beans may not be fresh. Fresh coffee beans or freshly ground, high-quality coffee are the most important ingredients in making a great-tasting drink experience. Once your bag of coffee has been opened it will start to lose its freshness rapidly, we recommend storing it in an airtight container (you can easily find them on our website)

Coffee Strength

The type of coffee can affect the strength. De'Longhi recommends a good espresso coffee as the origin and blends (i.e. whether it is robusta or arabica), and the darkness of the roast can affect the overall experience. That’s why we suggest picking good quality coffee beans that suit your taste.

Aroma and Strength Setup

Try increasing the Strength/Aroma of coffee on your machine’s settings which will increase the amount of coffee during the grinding process. This will help to add more strength to your coffee.

  • If increasing the Aroma is not enough, and your coffee drinks are not as good as you desire, the coffee is ground too coarsely. We suggest intervening with the grinding settings as follows:

    • Most Fully Automatic coffee machines have the grinder dial located inside the bean hopper, so open the coffee beans compartment;

    • Deliver a coffee and…

    • … while the machine is grinding decrease the setting by one notch towards the 1. Please only adjust the grinder one notch at a time and only while the grinder is in operation.

    • It may take a few coffees before the adjustment will take effect.

Bean Adapt Technology

If your coffee machine has the Bean AdaptDelivery Issues Technology feature we suggest you use it. It is an intelligent technology that sets specific grinding and brewing parameters to execute the perfect coffee extraction, based on the coffee beans you have chosen.

  • Do you use Cold Brew drinks? The Bean Adapt Technology has the most complete result on the Espresso Soul drink, acting on all brewing parameters, including temperature, intensity and grinding level. If the user has enabled the Bean Adapt technology and by doing so has changed the grinding level based on the beans, this has an impact on all the coffee drinks the machine can deliver, including cold brew. In practice, one meaningful change might regard the preparation time for the drink. 

Cold Extraction Technology

Cold Brew Grinds: Each drink has been optimized with just the right amount of coffee and water, for an ideal in-cup result, without the need to change the grinder or other settings.