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How to check the water hardness before making a coffee?

Setting the water hardness correctly on your machine is highly recommended before you use it for the first time and determines how regularly you will need to descale your coffee appliance. You can change the settings in the menu at any time by using the water hardness strip supplied with your machine.

Taking the Water Hardness test:

Immerse the water hardness test in a glass of water (please use the same water you are going to use for your daily coffees). Wait a few seconds to identify the water hardness level. You’ll see the squares change colour from green to red.

Depending on the result you get, you have to set the correct level on your appliance:

Total Hardness Test

Level to set on your appliance










Setting the Water Hardness:

Please Note:  the setting up procedure may be different from machine to machine, so we highly suggest checking the correct steps on the User Manual. Please look for your user manual here.

If you prefer, we provide a great list of How-To videos on our official YouTube channel that can help you with numerous commonly used procedures, guides and troubleshooting. Please have a look at our channel here

Here are some examples of Water Hardness settings on two of our great coffee machines!

  • For units without display:

  • For units with display:

Where can I buy it?

This is a full-packaged kit containing all of the maintenance and cleaning equipment needed to keep your coffee machine performing at its optimum state. The Coffee Care Kit contains:

  • 1 x Water hardness test

  • 1 x Water Filter 

  • 1 x 200ml bottle (2 doses) of descaler EcoDecalk

  • 1 x 250ml bottle of cleaning solution EcoMultiClean 

  • 1 x Microfiber cloth

Purchase it here.