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Brewing Unit: Cleaning, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

What is the Brewing Unit in a De'Longhi Coffee Machine?

The Infuser or Brewing Unit is essential to create the best espresso: it tamps the coffee grinds and holds them in place when the pressure of hot water comes through it. Once the coffee is fully brewed into your favourite cup, the Infuser dispenses the coffee ground into the ground container, so it’s easy to clean the appliance.

Where can I find it?

Depending on the machine you use, the brewing unit can be placed differently. Here below some examples:

Front of the Machine

On the Side 

On the side, behind the Water Tank

Common Perceived Issues:

Consumers may experience some difficulties in understanding how to troubleshoot the infuser, having the following issues: 

  • The brewing unit seems stuck, I can’t take it out;

  • I can’t insert the infuser back into the machine, it seems to be in the wrong position.

If one of these issues happens to you, please don’t panic and check these super easy steps to solve them!


This may happen as a result of a power interruption. The infuser can only be removed or put back into place if the correct shut-down sequence has been followed when the machine is turned off. 

  • Always switch the machine off by the power button first;

  • Allow the process to terminate.

  • Only then please take the electrical plug off;

  • Open the service door. This will either be at the front or the side of your machine.

  • Squeeze the two red buttons on the infuser and gently remove it from the machine.

  • If you are unable to remove the infuser do not force it.

  • Turn the machine back on and wait for the full start-up sequence to complete.

  • Shut the machine down by the power button On/Off again. 

  • Wait for the shut-down sequence to complete.

  • Now you should be able to remove the infuser with ease.

  • Wash the infuser under the faucet and replace it.

 It is important to do this at least monthly, depending on how much you use your machine.


Please see the video below for further help:

If your infuser can be accessed at the front of your machine:

If your infuser can be accessed from the side of your machine:


How to clean your brewing unit:

To clean the Infuser please follow the below steps:

  • Push the coloured lateral buttons while exporting the infuser out;

  • To clean the brewing unit, please immerse it in lukewarm water for around  5 minutes; 

  • Rinse it under tap water. Remember to use only Water! Detergents will damage the appliance. The infuser can not be washed with the washing machine;

  • Use a brush to clean away any coffee residue;

  • Reinsert it by pressing the PUSH button until you hear a click sound.