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The Hidden Culprit: Why Water Hardness is Harmful to your Machine and Coffee

If 90% of the ingredients used to brew espresso is water, then why do we usually overlook the quality of it? Because we simply take it for granted. The reality is that quality is not only a factor for brewing great coffee but it is also the key to make it taste great consistently.

And it is not only about taste, but it is also a matter of your health and the lifespan of your coffee machine.
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The reality of water hardness

Making great coffee at home can feel like one part art and one part science where all the details matter. One of those often underestimated details that can have a significant impact on your coffee experience is water hardness. So, why is water hardness bad for your coffee equipment?

Scaling Woes

Hard water leaves mineral deposits, known as scale, in the inner workings of your coffee maker, including pipes, heating elements, and valves. This buildup can obstruct water flow, causing your equipment to strain and lose efficiency. Over time, it can lead to equipment damage or costly repairs.

Flavor Sabotage

Water hardness, caused by an excess of minerals like calcium and magnesium, can adversely affect your coffee's flavor. These minerals interfere with the extraction process, resulting in a brew that tastes flat, dull, or bitter. Your carefully chosen beans deserve better.

Reduced Lifespan

Coffee machines aren't cheap investments, and hard water can significantly shorten their lifespan. Scale accumulation can harm sensitive components, causing your equipment to fail prematurely.

The answer to your needs

1. If your machine supports it, use the Delonghi DLSC002 Coffee Maker Water Filter. This filter protects your machine from excessive limescale formations and removes impurities from the water that can negatively affect taste. This filter should last around three months under normal conditions and should be replaced to reduce the frequency of your descaling.

2. An alternative to the DLSC002 is to use Third Wave Water (TWW) Espresso Machine Profile. These packets of minerals when added to distilled or reverse osmosis water creates the ideal water makeup from the start. With a balanced water profile and no limescale causing minerals, TWW will help keep your coffee tasting great while protecting your expensive equipment.

Try Third Wave Water following this link and use the code "delonghi" at checkout for a 10% off in your first purchase.

About Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water was created by two coffee guys just trying to provide an easy-to-use mineral solution for coffee and was quickly shared on ABC’s TV show Shark Tank in 2017. Charles Nick and Taylor Minor are seen regularly sharing their love for coffee in coffee events all around the world. Charles Nick’s background was in aerospace with NASA and Kansas State University (KSU) as a Reliability Engineer (Reliability Centered Maintenance) and professional researcher while Taylor Minor’s background was over a decade in the specialty coffee industry as a roaster for his cafe Telemetry Coffee, a United States Marine Corp Veteran and inventor.

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What is water hardness?

 A brew contains 98% water; its hardness, that is, the amount of minerals the water contains, has a direct impact on the extraction of the best attributes of the coffee bean.
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