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Good, clean, and fair coffee is here

A new coalition has arrived to safeguard the environment, producers, and one of the world's most widely consumed beverages, allowing everyone to do their part.

Transforming with Integrity

“Change is possible. Indeed it is now necessary. There is no alternative,” explains Paolo di Croce, Slow Food director for over two decades, and Emanuele Dughera, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition coordinator. "The world has shown and continues to dramatically show that the current development model needs to be revised and redesigned to ensure access to good, clean, and fair food for all. The unsustainable model must change for the people and the planet."

Slow Food

Slow Food is a global movement active in 160 countries, providing access to good, clean, and fair food for all. It cultivates a network of local communities and activists who defend cultural and biological diversity, promote taste education and the passing on of traditional knowledge, and influence public and private policy. Thousands of Slow Food projects and Presidia enhance and protect vegetable and grain varieties, cheese, and other typical local products. Slow Food's protection efforts also focus on coffee through a specific project with global reach: the Slow Food Coffee Coalition.

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition is an open, collaborative network that unites the entire coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers.  De'Longhi has decided to become the main partner of the initiative to foster collaboration and share knowledge within the industry. As a manufacturer of coffee machines that use beans as raw material, it is our responsibility to protect the people and processes at the heart of our business.
Thanks to this collaboration, De'Longhi will contribute to organizing Slow Food-curated events and seminars that amplify the project, providing visibility and voices to the different roles in the coffee supply chain–first and foremost to the farmers. The change towards good, clean, and fair coffee is a shared responsibility for De'Longhi, its suppliers and customers, and anyone who loves the beverage.

Finding the right balance

Slow Food promotes change on a grand scale from the bottom up, involving farmers and large companies. This practice furthers its commitment to the enhancement of sustainable coffee, protecting the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity, workers' rights, and inclusiveness–sustainable coffee that values the supply chain and traceability, food safety, and the right to pleasure (such as flavour and aroma) in the cup. And it does so with a Manifesto. Anyone committed to this journey can sign the online manifesto: farmers, roasters, baristas, restaurateurs, companies, institutions, and even consumers.

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