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Andrea Cremone: Specialty coffee science

“Bartendering was my first and will definitely be my last job, so yes. I’ve always had this passion.”

Andrea is a licensed bartender trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association and a micro roaster. In this episode of Behind Your Coffee, he talks about the main characteristics of Specialty Coffee and the differences from common coffees.

The episode
The main difference between Specialty Coffee and common coffee is the sweeter taste, due mostly to the difference in terms of quality and cleanliness of the grain, which produces more fragrant and valuable flavours in the cup. The best way to taste Specialty coffee is to use the Brazilian infusion tasting technique, after which it can be prepared using the type of extraction the consumer likes the most, from filter to espresso. 

Andrea Cremone: Specialty coffee science
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A harmony of art and science, enjoyed by coffee experts

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