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EC9335.M La Specialista Manual espresso machine

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Handcraft your perfect cup with De'Longhi's unparalleled espresso coffee maker. Innovative coffee technology provides a simple four-step process for authentic Italian beverages with a personal touch. The professionally-inspired stainless steel design will stand out in any kitchen. Master the barista's art and make your home the best coffee shop in town.
  • Have your coffee made to perfection with just the right amount of coffee dose thanks to the Sensor Grinding Technology
  • Craft flavoursome and well-balanced espresso and coffee beverages, after grinding, tamp directly in the filter holder by simply pushing the lever down
  • Two independent heating system for coffee and milk
  • Froth smooth milk-based beverages with Advanced Latte System
Professionally-inspired design

Professionally-inspired design

La Specialista's stunning professionally-inspired design is intended to impress and will take pride of place in any modern kitchen. Recreate the authentic Italian coffee shop experience at home.
Hands-on creativity

Hands-on creativity

La Specialista empowers you to handcraft your perfect espresso. From start to finish, the process is simple and enjoyable, inviting hands-on creativity.
Sensor Grinding Technology
Brew your coffee to perfection with the right amount of powder thanks to the unique grinding sensors, for a perfectly ground texture every time.
Smart Tamping Station
After grinding, tamp directly in the filter holder by simply pushing lever down. Tamping will stop once the correct pressure is delivered on the coffee ground.
Active Temperature Control
The water temperature is kept stable during the brewing process for the best extraction. 2 independent heating systems ensure no waiting time between coffee and milk preparations.
Advanced Latte System
Simply position the jug, choose between FLAT for hot milk or FOAM for milk frothing on the steam wand selector, and wait for your perfect milk.


Dimensions (wxdxh) (mm) 380x370x445 (with bean container)
Weight (Kg) 13.5
Maximum cup height (mm) 120
Pump pressure (bar) 19
Water tank capacity(l) 2
Input power (W) 1450
Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz) 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Colour Metal
Body material Stainless steel
Milk system Automatic Cappuccino System
Auto shut-off
Heating system Dual thermoblock
Removable water tank
Removable drip tray
Water level indicator
Compatible for ESE pods
Number of filters 3
Cup holder
Controls Buttons
Coffee tamper Integrated tamper


This machine is designed to deliver the correct brewing pressure based on the chosen coffee bean type and the fineness of the grind. When brewing, the indicator level should always be within the optimal zone.
If the indicator level falls below the optimal zone, this indicates an under extracted espresso and requires a finer grind to be used.
If the indicator level moves past the optimal zone, this indicates an over extracted espresso and requires a more coarse grind to be used.

Please note: Different coffee bean types may result in a different optimal zone reading. Remember, as long as the indicator level resides in that zone you are getting the perfect extraction.

There are two reasons your bean container icon will flash:

1) The bean container is not fully locked onto the grinder
2) The coarseness ring of the grinder is not alligned between 1 and 6.

You must always have the arrow alligned between the number 1 and 6.

An Americano coffee is an espresso based drink made with 1/3 espresso and 2/3 hot water. Americano is a preset recipe on La Specialista (Long Coffee in Australia). Before delivery, simply turn the recipe selector dial to Americano. La Specialista will deliver espresso first and then top up with hot water from the hot water spout. We recommend when making an Americano you use the double dose filter and utilize the X2 button, however, you can also make an Americano with a single shot.

Please see the following video for step by step instructions:

When you want to brew hot water with La Specialista you simply press the hot water button.
Please see the following video for step by step instructions:

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EC9335.M La Specialista Manual espresso machine

EC9335.M La Specialista Manual espresso machine

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