Specialty Coffee Drinks

The classic cup of coffee has been a firm favorite for decades, but in recent years so too have the more specialty coffee drinks, combining bittersweet ingredients and simple techniques to bring something different to your coffee-drinking routine.

Transforming the way in which we prepare, drink and enjoy coffee every day, these uniquely blended recipes by De’Longhi encompass the richness and sweetness in one delicious cup.

The Caffè Mocha, incorporating the ingredients that those with a sweet tooth will love, mixes rich chocolate sauce and adds chocolate flakes to garnish. This sumptuous De’Longhi treat can be made in three simple steps and finishing it off with a generous serving of whipped cream will no doubt ensure this recipe becomes a weekly, if not daily, treat.

For a richer take on this American classic, try De’Longhi’s recipe for the traditional and authentic Bicerin. Said to have originated from the Italian city of Turin, it combines the bittersweet flavors of cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon and can be made in a few easy steps using a pump espresso machine.

From the cobbled streets of Turin to the hilly landscape of Foynes, the Irish coffee was first introduced in the winter of 1943 by Joe Sheridan for passengers returning to Ireland from an unsuccessful transatlantic voyage. Now a favorite in cities across the world, De’Longhi’s classic recipe for this authentic Irish drink made with whipped cream and whiskey has been made simple with the aid of its bean to cup coffee machines.

All these specialty coffee recipes — originating from the classic and rich espresso — add a touch of sweetness to the comforting and reviving taste of a traditional cup of coffee. Using De’Longhi’s easy-to-follow recipes below, you too can enjoy creating something that is a little bit different but deservingly delicious.