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The ''Lungo'' caffè nero (Italian for "long, black coffee") is one of the simpler creations of the coffee family but what it lacks in style, it certainly makes up for in substance. With a higher water content than Americano or Latte coffees, it is less of a hard hit than espresso, but full-bodied enough to give you a boost.

The removable water tanks in De’Longhi machines allows for quick and convenient refills. Use roughly 120 – 180mls water as this is a longer drink.

A De'Longhi coffee machine will grind beans instantly with the "Direct-to-Brew" system so you can spend more time drinking your coffee and less time making it.

There are four settings related to size, so choose the biggest one to create a longer coffee. You can also pre-heat your cups with the integrated cup warmer. The Gran Dama Avant produces consistent, fresh and aromatic ground coffee which means taste is never compromised, no matter how many cups you make during the day.

Press the button and voila – your coffee is brewed in seconds. With five coffee strengths to choose from (extra mild to extra strong), everyone gets their ideal cup.

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