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SoftBalls - Anti-limescale Treatment


SoftBalls soften your local water to reduce limescale formation, helping to keep your coffee consistently delicious.

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De'Longhi SoftBalls are an innovative way to prevent build-up of limescale deposits in coffee makers with water tanks. The anti-limescale spheres reduce water hardness without altering the content of calcium and magnesium ions, ensuring creamy and aromatic coffee and extending the life of your coffee maker. Each dose lasts 3 months, and SoftBalls are completely recyclable.

  • Softens local water and balances mineral content so you can enjoy consistently rich, smooth coffee
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your coffee machine by reducing limescale formation in the mechanics
  • The transparent bag of SoftBalls is placed directly into the water tank and each dose lasts for 3 months
  • No chemicals are released by the SoftBalls dose


Category Coffee Machine Care