Gas Cooktop 5 Burner - 90cm DEGH90BG

This product is now discontinued

  • Triple Ring Burner

    Triple Ring Burner

    Our powerful triple ring burner produces maximum heat ensuring the perfect wok cooking result.

  • Flame Failure Safety Cut-Off

    Flame Failure Safety Cut-Off

    Rapid safety valve immediately stops the outflow of gas if the flame accidentally extinguishes.

  • Instant Automatic Ignition

    Instant Automatic Ignition

    The automatic electronic ignition lights the flame with a single push of the knob.

  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Trivets

    Heavy Duty Cast Iron Trivets

    Our professional, heavy duty cast iron trivets are durable and long lasting.

  • Frameless Beveled Glass

    Frameless Beveled Glass

    The frameless beveled glass is another one of DeLonghi’s functional solutions to cleaning. There are no corners or cracks to worry about food getting stuck in.