Thanks to the natural principle of convection, convectors are ideal for distributing heat quickly, evenly and silently throughout the room.

They are ideal for spot heating in small areas that need to maintain a constant temperature.

Enjoy the gentle background warmth in the comfort of your own home.

HCS Series

HCS convectors

Hifi function

The double fan system (excludes HCS2030) increases the performance of the convector, providing immediate and fast heating throughout the entire room. The special geometry of the grid delivers enhanced hot air flow and optimised distribution of the same into the room.

HCO Series

HCO convectors

Powerful and silent running

The HCO series convectors are equipped with two bars that contain diathermic oil for stable and long lasting heat (not including the HCO420FT and HCO420F models). The HCO series is also characterised by a fan system which allows the heat to be distributed quickly and evenly throughout the entire room (not including the HCO620 model)