Lattissima+ White EN 520.W

This product is now discontinued

- De’Longhi patented “automatic cappuccino system”: System, to obtain real cappuccino and latte macchiato automatically into the cup or glass.
- Reduced heating up time, ready in approximately 40 seconds
- The milk carafe (0,35 l) can be placed in the fridge, after use.
- Illuminated keys and automatic controls, to choose your favorite drink (cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso coffee, long coffee or hot milk) in a simple and intuitive way.
- All drinks may be personalized and memorized, by varying the quantity of milk and of coffee.
- Sliding drip tray, to allow use of both coffee cups and glasses for latte macchiato.
- Practical system of capsules introduction
- High-performing 19-bar pressure pump
- Thermoblock heating system
- Automatic ejection of capsules
- Collecting tank for used capsules (10 capsules).
- Removable water reservoir (0,9 l)
- Cable storage underneath the machine to adjust cable length
- Storage area for discaling pipe
- Auto Power off mode setting after 9 minutes from the last coffee, can by changed to 30 min. or 8 hours by the consumer
- Energy class A