Essential Pack

This product is now discontinued

Délonghi has created an exclusive range of Coffee Accessories Packs to help prolong the life of your coffee machine whilst maintaining its optimal performance to deliver barista quality coffee everytime. Each kit features a selected range of coffee cleaning accessories to ensure the removal of build up of oils which are not easily accessible.

The kit also features Délonghi’s own blend of wood-fired Arabic beans, which uses coffee sourced from Arabica Beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and India. In creating this high quality blend Délonghi drew upon the expertise of a specialised roaster and its Italian heritage. The newly developed beans are carefully slow roasted in a wood fired oven where heat is consistently radiated to bring out the full flavour of the beans without burning them. Each batch is roasted by hand and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each blend is perfect. The coffee is deliciously aromatic and combines a rich smooth body due to the slow roasting process. This is sure to satisfy the true coffee connoisseur.

With three different accessory packs to choose from there is something to suit every budget.

Essential Pack Contains

- 1 x 500 gram Bag Wood Fired Coffee Beans
- 1 x Nokalk
- 1 x Milk Clean
- 1 x Descaler