Coffee Descale Solution - EcoDecalk

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EcoDecalk is the new DeLonghi ecological limescale remover. Its formula is designed to be 100% eco-friendly but also more powerful against limescale deposits inside coffee machines.

Using the DeLonghi EcoDecalk regularly ensures your coffee machine lasts longer and increases energy efficiency. Limescale accumulation can boost energy consumption up to 30%.

  • Weight (Kg): 0.5
  • Container Weight (kg): 0.62
  • Individual EAN code: 8004399326217
  • Individual Product Code: 5513291781
  • Master Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 250x330x220
  • Master Weight (kg): 7.8
  • Product size (cm): 8x8x19
  • Quantity/Master (set): 12