DeLonghi Descaler DLSC500

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DeLonghi Descaler
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DeLonghi Coffee Machine Descaler

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BEST VALUE PACK - Contains enough descaler for 4 descaling operations

  • 500 ml pack - New Packaging
  • Ecological descaler made with 100% lactic acid
  • Used regularly De’Longhi EcoDecalk coffee machine descaler liquid significantly reduces the likelihood of premature breakdown from scale build-up, increases the energy efficiency and improves coffee flavour and crema.
  • Paper and plastic used for the packaging are 100% recyclable – Safe and easy to use. 
  • Suitable for all coffee machines, including bean to cup machines, pump espresso machines, filter coffee pots, pod machines.
  • Easier and quicker to use than coffee machine descaling tablets. No need to wait for the natural descaler to dissolve.

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